New To Yoga

Yoga is a great way to strengthen and condition the body leaving you feeling both energised and relaxed. There are enough styles to suit everybody, you just need to find the right ones to suit you.

Slower practises such as yin or slow flow tend to focus on stretching to release tension from the body whilst more dynamic styles such as power vinyasa or Forrest have more of an emphasis on building strength.

Mindful movement is at the heart of the physical practise of yoga, cultivating awareness and tapping into the body’s wisdom are key, standing it apart from other types of exercise.

If you have any injuries or conditions it is advisable to consult your therapist or doctor before starting something new. For any yogic-related questions feel free to reach out to Jenna directly.


Jenna is a London-based yoga teacher and content creator. She was born and raised in North London to a Chinese mother and an Indian father with ancestral roots in Malaysia & Tanzania. Jenna’s a Sagittarius born on the Winter Solstice,

She first came to the mat at 27 when she was working in the corporate world of digital marketing. She practised regularly with Eyal Chehanowski who shaped her philosophical and theological foundation. Having a background in dance the physical practise resonated with her deeply opened other doors into the spiritual world. With a history of depression and drug abuse she was already searching for new, alternative ways to heal and bring meaning to what often felt like a futile and challenging existence.

In 2017 she retrained as a yoga teacher with Dylan Ayaloo, during the programme she went through a profound process of deep healing and transformation. A short time after her depression fell away. In 2018 Jenna began teaching yoga full-time and continued her healing journey through body psychotherapy with senior yoga teacher Sandra Robinson and also trained as a Theta healer with Nicola Van Dyke.

Since launching her career as a yoga teacher, she has worked in a full spectrum of places all over London including gyms, studios, charities, corporates and privates. Her practises are supportive, accessible and fun with a focus on self-awareness, healing and transformation.

In 2020, she transitioned her teaching online and now runs weekly virtual classes and regular workshops that are open to all.

Jenna is an ambassador for the sustainable activewear brand GNGR Bees. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, dancing to loud music and volunteering with her local youth charity Prospex.