Forgiveness: The Bedrock of Self-Love

The Bedrock of Self-Love

The ironic thing about the path of self-love is that the moment you step onto it in earnest is often the moment you start to notice all the stuff you dont like about yourself.

For me, I was confronted with how little self-respect I had, how low my self-esteem was and how much damage i had inflicted upon myself. It was painful and sad.

But on this path we are invited to go deeper, to see beyond the superficial and the mess and instead take the time to understand who we were at those times and why we were like that. There are always reasons and love is nothing without forgiveness and compassion.

A huge chunk of my journey has been about self-forgiveness – powerful stuff. I’ve learnt how to stand behind myself and have my own back no matter what. It sounds simple but most of us are addicted to beating ourselves up ❤

Real self-love is not only loving the nice, shiny parts, it is about shining a light on our shadows, diving into the depths of our darkness and accepting and honouring those sides too. It is being vulnerable and opening our hearts to ourselves fully and unconditionally.

It’s not easy. But what is the alternative? You continue to go through life hiding from yourself – never really being able to express who you are to the world because you’re too afraid to find out who you are and what you’re made of?

I call it the path of the Warrior because it is just that. There is no path tougher than the journey into the self, but there is no greater power either.

I want to salute everyone who showed up at Awaken over the weekend. I have so much respect and admiration for each one of you for stepping forward to do the work. Thank you, thank you – you light up my world 🌟🌟🌟

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